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Poor mental health is one of the major causes of disabilities in an individual. The close connection of human brain with other bodily parts makes the way for its poor health to affect these parts in one or the other ways. For instance, a poor mental health in a child may likely be observed by his or her behaviour like being excessively naughty, poor concentration, lagging in studies, speech disorders and many more. Similarly, in case of adults this state of mind can crop up because of ample reasons likely to affect him or her in different ways just as loss of appetite, intense anxiousness, loss of interest in routinely activities, absence of mind and many more.

\ Psychiatric treatments available with us are comprehensive for both, adults and adolescents. The department’s multidisciplinary psychiatrists are active in various clinical and research interests in biological psychiatry, pharmacotherapy and behaviour therapy including cognitive therapy. Other specialties also include

·         Anxiety Disorders and depression

·         Eating disorders

·         Personality disorders

·         Family therapy

·         Individual and group psychotherapy

Alike poor mental health, drug addiction is another greatest concerns and we do excel in treating this as well.

Since there are different types of substance addiction, we proffer following treatment of following dependences

·         Alcohol

·         Nicotine

·         Cannabis

·         Opiates

Generally, the de-addiction treatment program conducted by our qualified psychiatrists include assessment and detoxification using modern pharmacological treatment methods, motivation enhancement components, relapse prevention, psychological interventions, group and family meetings and much more.

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