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Health Check-Up Packages at Kumar Hospital - Jabalpur


  • We have a contemplated a broad range of health packages from which you can choose a suitable health package depending on your age, sex, and lifestyle, medical and family history.
  • Health experts can help you select the best relevant package to your needs, if required.
  • We advise you to take an appointment for your health check at least 24 hrs in advance to enable us to provide you with a quick and hassle free examination.
  • If you have blood sugar (fasting) and / or cholesterol level as part of the package, you must have to come fasting or empty stomach for 14 hours. Kindly escape from Alcohol intake at least 12 hours before to the Health Check up.
  • You are solicited to carry urine and stool sampler in clean sterilized containers or collect container from the Hospitals Reception counter one day before.
  • We know that time is valuable and ensure you that all your examination will be ceased in approximately 3-4 hours, depending on the number of tests.
  • Please bring all your earlier medical reports and medical auxiliary equipment like glasses and hearing aid when you come for the Health Check examination.
  • Please feel free to talk out with us any other anxiety, fear or care that you might have concerning your health check test.


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