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Ear, Nose, and Throat Center Your ears, nose, and throat are all connected. That's why an ENT specialist, also called an otolaryngologist, is a one-stop place to treat earaches, nasal allergies, sore throats, and much more.

Kumar Hospital provides an integrated ear, nose and throat and audiology service. At our hospital, foreign body in the nose, ear, throat are removed routinely and even during the emergency hours. Children often insert rubber, thermocol balls, pea nuts, pins etc. in the ear, nose or mouth. They are removed with latest equipments in the department round the clock.
Kumar Hospital is super speciality ENT Hospital dealing with ear, nose and throat ailments along with head and neck cancer. Possibly the most used but also the most neglected parts of our body, the ear, nose and throat provide us with 3 of our 5 senses. Most of us just take them for granted, assuming that a sore throat or an ear itch will subside spontaneously. Unfortunately, what we fail to realize is that a simple sore throat can cause severe complications like glomerulonephritis (infection of the kidney) and rheumatic fever. An ear infection can lead to meningitis, which can even be fatal.

Partial List of Procedures
Ear Surgery:

Myringotomy (placement of ear drum)
Repair of ear drum perforation and Mastoid Diseases (Microscopic Ear Surgeries / Tympanoplsty)
Reconstruction of middle ear ossicles ( Stapes / Piston / Mastoid Surgery )
Ear lobule repair / Ear Piercing with medical gun.

Nose and Sinus Surgery:

Control of epistaxis (severe nose bleed)
Repair of nasal fractures
Septoplasty to straighten deviated septum ( DNS )
Functional and cosmetic rhinoplasty
Functional Endoscopic sinus surgery to treat chronic sinus infection or remove polyps (FESS)
Diagnostic and Therapeutic Video Endoscopy / Sinuscopy
Foreign Body Removal like rubber, thermocol balls, pea nuts, pins

Throat / Larynx Surgery:

Tonsillectomy / adenoidectomy
Uvuloplatopharyngoplasty (surgical treatment for sleep apnea)
Surgical treatment for snoring ( Laser Surgery )
Removal of vocal cord lesions ( Microlaryngeal Surgeries)
Vocal cord medialization (treatment for paralyzed vocal cord)
Oesophagoscopy / Bronchoscopy

Head and Neck Surgery:

Removal of benign or malignant tumors from nose, sinuses, oral cavity, Thyroid, oropharynx
Neck dissection with removal of lymph nodes for head/neck cancer and Tuberculosis
Neuro Otology Department

Kumar Hospital has well-equipped Neurotology department with facilities for a comprehensive evaluation for hearing impaired and vertigo patients.

Conditions We Treat :

* Adenoid / Tonsil Infections
* Ear Discharge / Ear Wax / Middle Ear Infection
* Deafness
* Allergies
* Balance Disorders
* Cleft Palate
* Deviated Nasal Septum ( DNS )
* Ear Aches & Infections
* Dysphagia & Swallowing Problems
* Head & Neck Cancer
* Laryngitis
* Sinusitis
* Nasal Growth / Nasal Polyp / Rhinitis
* Smell & Taste Disorders
* Sore Throats
* Swimmer's Ear
* Tinnitus
* Temporo-Mandibular Joint ( TMJ )
* Tonsillitis
* Voice Disorders
* Snoring and Sleep Disorders

  • Surgical Procedures
  • Allergy Clinic
  • Vertigo Clinic
  • Cochlear Implant
  • Snoring Clinic
  • Kumar Hospital Jabalpur is Top Hospitals in Jabalpur (M P) India
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