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Nutrition and Dietician specialist– Kumar Hospital
Dietician in pune

Dietician is a specialist of diet and nutrition, also called as Nutritionist or dietitians. They counsel people on what to eat in behest to conduct healthy lifestyle or accomplish a weight loss, health related issues etc. Dieticians specialist translate sciential information about nutritional diet and gives practical advice to people and patients to make them mending the health.

Specialist dieticians evaluate, diagnose and give the treatment to diet related issues.

Everyone needs a conspicuous dietary sampler according to disease, age, day to day lifestyle. Diet clinic or dieticians assist people to plan healthy diet and perceive the food not only to fight the disease as well as to stay a healthy lifestyle.

In Kumar Hospital department of nutriment and dietetics helps out patient as well as in patients how to follow the healthy diet. Diet plan are assigned to the patient according to the disease state and reports with advice of modification in day to day lifestyle.

Dietary and dietician advice plays signification role in following conditions

  • Weight loss and obesity, Cholesterol
  • Weight gain in anaemic patient
  • Diabetes in adult and Childs
  • Cardiovascular ailment and hypertension
  • Nephrology or kidney related disease
  • Piles, Irritable bowel syndrome, Peptic ulcer and acidity, Ulcerative Colitis
  • Pregnancy and Lactation
  • Health of Bone and Osteoporosis
  • Allergy and Skin disease
  • Pediatrics conditions - childhood obesity, Dibeties, eating deformation, sport nutrition, Geriatric disease
  • Arthritis Disease
  • Liver disease
  • For IPD patients frequent consultation with diet chart from fluid diet to full diet depend on patient’s durability.
  • Expert says that the more diseases are preventable by taking healthy and nutritious diet!

    Some Daily Diet Tips

  • Start eating healthy breakfast everyday
  • Eat fruits at least once a day
  • Include green vegetables, salads in lunch as well as in diner.
  • Eat fish a source of proteins with many vitamins & minerals
  • Avoid saturated food, spicy and oily food
  • Avoid much salt and fizz
  • Drink water, milk, fruit juice helps to keep body hydrated
  • Avoid late night food
  • Eat at least three hours to bed
  • Keep snacks away
  • Take 7-8 hrs sleep at night
  • Avoid Soda drinking
  • Take fiber diet
  • Take at least 15 minutes footstep after meal
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