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Allergy Test & Immunotherophy
Hearing Aids

Allergy is an abnormal reaction to a particle which enters the body from the environment which is usually harmless to normal persons. Whenever such substance enter the body either by inhalation - while breathing, ingestant - while eating, injectant - by bites or by injecting by medcial professionals and or by contact - the substance come in contact on the surface of the skin or the mucous membrane of the body.

When body recognizes soon these sensitive substance enters the sensitive body by above routes, the series of reactions happen either with in few seconds to minutes to develop the various allergy disorders. This is known as Type -1 allergy, which are Immunoglobulin-E based disorders. The adverse reactions are known as hyper reactions and the person who reacts is known as hypersensitive.

These reactions do happen due to the immune system of the body with white blood cells, result with asthma, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, urticaria and eczema etc., Factors that influence to become susceptible to allergy are by genetic make-up in conjunction with changing indoor and out door environments and life styles. The one who reacts is committed to reactions and always reacting to one or the other substances which he expose from time to time.

This may not be very frequent and intensifying in the beginning and becoming more frequent and vigorous on frequent exposures. The main object of the management is to prevent the recurrence of symptoms and make the body non-reacting by developing a tolerance to specific allergen.

The body becomes allergic to various allergens and the sensitivity increases to number of allergens if the body repeatedly reacts. If the on going allergy is prevented the multiple allergen sensitivity retards and become normal person in maintaining the quality of life.

Allergy Treatment- Immunotherophy

The current allergy management is to identify the causative allergen and take preventive measures in subsequent exposures which will certainly prevent the occurrence of allergy reactions

If the avoidance measures can't be implemented, the sufferer may need to use the preventor and reliever medications.

If these fail, the desensitization is done by administering the sensitive allergen to the body by different concentrations over a period of time, the body learns to accept the sensitized material as a part of the body similar to normal persons without reacting to the allergen exposure.

Different routes of allergen desensitisation are currently done in the world. The Subcutaneous Injections (SCIT) were in vogue over a century and had limitations and were resisted, due to painful pricks, by the persons who suffer from allergies.

To increase the adherence to therapy, new routes of administration emerged. In recent times in the West a popular, promising and user friendly route of administration is by SubLingual swallow Immunotherapy (SLIT)*. The desensitisation induces allergen tolerance, reduces the allergic reaction and the immune system behaves normal as commonly seen in normal person without recurrence of symptoms.

SLIT is popular among users over SCIT and successfull with optimum results and it is at preseent a routine therapeutic tool


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